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Our world, THE world, has changed dramatically since the presidential election of 1956. No longer sixth graders, we, too, have changed immensely. As 6th graders, though we didn't fully understand the political world, we made our stand on the playground with shouts of "I Still Like Ike" and "Adlai and Estes – The Bestest". Politics notwithstanding, we still walked hand-in-hand in those relatively innocent early days. Polarity is a political reality. Today, however, we are experiencing a political party polarity unlike any in our nation's history; a polarity, likened by some, as more akin to that which existed in the years prior to our Civil War. 

That being said, I'm interested now in taking the political pulse of our class as we exist in 2020. To that end I'm asking that you respond to this brief survey. While at our age, we're no longer shy about revealing our preferences, your survey response will NOT reveal your identity. In the aggregate, however, the survey loosely will reflect the political direction of our Class of 1958 in 2020. It is possible to complete the survey several times with different answers. Only the most recent responses will be summarised.

The survey is open to all classmates and website guests.


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1)   * In the 2020 National Election, I intend to cast my presidential and vice presidential vote in support of the:

2)   * I plan to cast my vote:

3)   * As a 6th grader at SJS, what major political team did you embrace?